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  • Ballet & Mix dance

    Classical ballet is not just a dance, it's a way of life, it`s a special category of feelings. None of the existing types of dances requires such commitment and such hard work as ballet art. At the same time none has such a high place in the minds of people and in the cultural hierarchy either. In this dance, as in no other one, beauty and perfection are inextricably linked with beauty of the internal contents of a dancer. It`s not enough just to learn to make graceful “Pax”. Every day a child needs to grow as a person. Without the ability to deeply understand music and the meaning of each movement will never result in any character or dance. This external and internal unity is the key to the unique power of classical ballet`s influence on audience. Virtually everyone can attend ballet classes without hard selection. The main condition is to be interested in choreography and to have a serious, conscientious attitude for ballet classes.

  • Drawing & Molding

    Drawing is a wonderful way for kids to spend time. Drawing is the development of fine motor skills, creativity, fantasy, imagination, expression of one`s vision of the world. Let's recall our childhood and remember how we loved to draw. In fact, probably all children love to draw. Drawing is a wonderful way for kids to express their feelings and emotions, to show imagination, perseverance and patience. When does a child show interest in drawing? Let's not wait until your child reaches the age of 7. Let`s begin to familiarize the child with the world of colors much earlier - it will be a great contribution to the early child`s development. We want to emphasize that drawing is a great way of child`s development. And, of course, there are only pros! While drawing a child learns colors, shapes and sizes. Also drawing develops fine motor skills of child`s hands, and thus the development of the brain. Of course, you might think that your child is too young to understand everything and to postpone drawing for later. This is the easiest option and you might even find those who would support you “What? Drawing? The child has just learned how to sit on his own! Maybe you will offer him a violin?" The choice is yours! The child is yours! And only you can decide when you want to start.

  • Rhythmic gymnastic

    Rhythmic gymnastics is the most appropriate sport for physical and esthetic development of a girl. Gymnastics helps children to develop emotional sensitivity to music and implementation of it into movement. Development of flexibility, coordination, musicality along with strength and endurance, body development – all these make rhythmic gymnastics very attractive kind of sport to select for practice. But not all young children can withstand the load and requirements of the specialized sport schools as rhythmic gymnastics is primarily a sport. Gymnastics can also be practiced in a gym where adequate load and kind attitude of a coach will help your child to love exercise, learn how to move gracefully, get the emotional joy from coherence of movement and music.

  • Artistic gymnastic

    Gymnastics is an ideal sport for harmonious physical development from the age children are able to stand up on their feet. Gymnastics develops all groups of muscles, strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility and posture.

    All children should do gymnastics. Those who do not set serious athletic purposes and just want to have fun and benefit from activities, at the same time devoting most of their time to learning and intellectual development, gymnastics can help to be in good shape and to learn many interesting things. For those who choose serious sport gymnastics will help to get functionally prepared because gymnastics is the technical base of many sport types and can help you to achieve success in any other kind of sport.

  • Judo & Self defense

    Judo – the honest and healthy sports demanding more than skill and dexterity, than physical force. Judo it is impossible to be engaged without ability to be self-controlled, without ability to dream, in the absence of courage.

  • Karate

    Karate is an excellent system for kids to train mind and body, to put children's energy into the right path. Children do gymnastics and stretching, develop their memory and attention, study unconditional subordination and discipline, overcome their laziness and ambitions, become adapted to a team that combines kids of different age. Kids will be protected from idleness and doing nothing and also will have less time to spend at the computer and more to communicate with peers. As a result, children will be able to stand for themselves, they will become stronger, better disciplined, self-confident, but will learn loyalty to weak and defeated ones. Karate is a good preparation for school. When school starts there is a difference between a child who just left home and a child who is a student of karate school. He or she has a good set of self defense techniques.

  • Kickboxing & K1

    Would you like your child to become a strong, self esteemed and self-confident person? Do you wish your child could always stand up for himself and protect the weaker one? Do you want your child to have good health? Then bring your child to our kickboxing classes! Kickboxing is not for kids? It`s incorrect to assume that kickboxing training should begin in adolescent age. Joining Amateur Kickboxing can be as early as at the age of 5. It is not necessarily for your child to actively participate in kickboxing training right away. Let him start from the training process observation. Imbued by this kind of sport your child will feel the spirit of kickboxing. We are sure your child also will want to become as strong as guys doing sparring in our gym. The benefits of kickboxing training for children: strength and endurance; goal orientation; willing to win; perseverance; bravery; excellent movement coordination; strong health; discipline.

  • Lego Robotics

    Your child dreams to construct and program independently the robot which would execute all its commands? Then we strongly recommend to you to pay the attention to our class Lego Robotics.

  • Play room

    A vocal score or piano-vocal score is a music score of an opera, or a vocal or choral composition with orchestra such as an oratorio or cantata, in which the vocal parts are written out in full but the accompaniment is reduced and adapted for keyboard (usually piano). The music is usually reduced to two staves; however, more staves, a second keyboardist (piano-four-hands), or a second keyboard part can be added as needed.

  • Piano & Vocal

    A vocal score or piano-vocal score is a music score of an opera, or a vocal or choral composition with orchestra such as an oratorio or cantata, in which the vocal parts are written out in full but the accompaniment is reduced and adapted for keyboard (usually piano). The music is usually reduced to two staves; however, more staves, a second keyboardist (piano-four-hands), or a second keyboard part can be added as needed.

  • Tennis

    The classes are offered by Valerie Albaret who has been training children for over 20 years and also is a founder of Le Petit Smash Tennis School.

    With a wealth of experience with the under-12s and her knowledge of the American method for champions, Valérie Albaret has developed her own teaching method: Évolutiv’ Tennis®.

    Facilities which make it easier to designate play zones and space, making possible the layout of game situations and guaranteeing kids’ safety.

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  • 29 January

  • 20 August

    Attention parents!

    Did you know that  After school program in Sport Kids starts from $59.99/week only?

    Don't miss your chance and sign-up now! Only in Sport Kids we offer a variety of activities along with a home work assistance in one place!


    Our Amazing After School program is now available!!! 
    You pay only 59.99 per week for 4 weeks session, and your child will be with us with our friendly teachers!
    Only in our school your child will be busy with homework, reading or doing sport activities every day!!!
    Don't miss your chance to sign up today!

  • 03 June

    We are open a new classes for adults. 

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:
    7.30 PM - 8.30 PM - Jiu-Jitsu   
    $150 per month

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday:
    7.30 PM - 8.30 PM - Latin-American dance
    1 class a week - $60 a month
    2 class a week - $120 a month
    3 class a week - $180 a month
    4 class a week - $240 a month

    Also Private Classes available upon request.

  • 27 May

    We will have Summer Camp every week during summer time.
    Only $149.99 per week.
    We will have a lot of fun and do sport activities, also 2 times per week we will going to the beach! 


    June 9th – June 13th              Jungle Week

    June 16th – June 20th         Brazilian Week

    June 23rd – June 27th            Heroes Week